Fake Facebook profile claims teacher a pedophile

A fake Facebook profile impersonating a Sydney primary school teacher and accusing him of being a pedophile is the subject of a police investigation
The teacher, who cannot be named, told the Sydney Morning Herald that “This Facebook profile opened up a couple of days ago with a picture of me and a friend with shirts off holding a beer ... they were writing things on the wall such as 'I'm gay and I like little boys' and all sorts of things like that."

The teacher campaigns publicly about racism on line and has a website that “names and shames” people who post racist messages on Facebook.
He believes this activism motivated his attackers to create a fake Facebook page.

The fake profile includes photos of the teacher captioned with "this is me being a gay god and "I'm a teacher at [redacted] and I adore my students. Especially the boy's [sic] I could eat them up with a spoon".
Some students fell for the fake profile and posted messages to the teacher on the wall.
The teacher said worried parents had contacted him about the profile. The aim of the fake profile said the teacher was to "portray me as a pedophile and make me lose my job".

Police in Sydney say they are investigating the man’s claims.