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Indian boy breaks world record with 34 fingers and toes

A young Indian boy has broken the world record for polydactylism – that’s the most fingers and toes – after he was born with 34 digits in March 2010.

The Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed that one-year-old Akshat Saxena from Uttar Pradesh in northern India now holds the record.

Polydactylism is a congenital condition.

He was born with 14 fingers, seven on each hand, and 20 toes, but has since undergone surgery to remove the extra digits. He is expected to have further surgery to build thumbs, the Press Trust of India reports.

His mother Amrita said she was "shock and surprised" to discover her newborn son's condition, Australia's Telegraph reports, adding that it was a family friend who told her that her son may have set a new record.

Last year, a Chinese boy who previously held the record with 16 toes and 15 fingers, underwent surgery to remove the extra digits.