Hugo Chavez sets sights on another term despite cancer treatment

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez says he will pursue another term in next year's elections despite his recent cancer treatment.

Chavez underwent surgery for cancer last month in Cuba and more recently traveled back to the island for chemotherapy, returning home Saturday.

In an interview published Monday in Correo del Orinoco, a government paper in Venezuela, Chavez said he had "more strength than before" to push for the presidency, the AP reports.

He has been in power in Venezuela since 1999.

Chavez is expected to undergo a further course of chemotherapy, but the BBC reports he may be treated in Brazil. He said Monday that no malignant cells were detected during his latest medical visit to Cuba.

He said that Cuban leader Fidel Castro had delivered the good news about last week's tests to Chavez in hospital:

He told me they found nothing. I have never heard such a short speech by Fidel.

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