Putin gets Blueberry Hill remix


"When I say dance, you best dance, m(@*#&$(&#er!"



I’m sorry to inflict this on you, but I can’t go through it alone. One of Russia’s most (inexplicably) popular DJs, DJ Smash, has remixed Vladimir Putin’s singing of Blueberry Hill. The song was debuted at the raucous “Putin Party” at Moscow’s Rai nightclub in March but has only been made available to the hungry Interweb in the past few days. Take a listen and then keep on reading:

Last week, DJ Smash (the author of such classics as “Moscow Never Sleeps”) talked to Komsomolskaya Pravda about his new ditty.

“I’ve done a rather big number of remixes,” he tells the paper. “Constantly. And I continue to. It’s just when I saw that video on the Internet, it called forth such emotions! I expected everything that one could see, but not that. COOL!”

The paper then asks if Putin got all the notes right: “Everything was ideal.”

Just in case you had any doubts that this remake was completely not ironic, the paper asks DJ Smash what kind of a reaction he expects: “I’m absolutely apolitical. I’m particularly not interested in politics. But there are certain personages that attract you like, say, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.”

Also, listening to this, you get a pretty good idea of what it’s like zipping/sputtering around Moscow in a 40 year old rusting Zhiguli, on your way to the club. So you’re welcome. And sorry.

(PS DJ Smash tells the paper he has no plans yet to put out a video, the above is a fan video to the song posted on YouTube.)