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Afghanistan: The "Forgotten War" all over again


Army privates on their first deployment last summer.


Ben Brody

I arrived at Kandahar Airfield's Media Support Center yesterday expecting to see a mass of reporters wearing khaki cargo pants and olive T-shirts pacing about, chain-smoking under the No Smoking sign. There were none.

Maybe they're in their rooms, I thought. But where were the doors left slightly ajar, with satellite modems pointing to the sky downloading entire seasons of "Lost" at $10 per megabyte?

Where were the empty Diet Coke cans strewn about and where was the laundry hanging to dry?

This media encampment, which housed 60 reporters at its peak last year, is a ghost town. The soldiers who run the place say everyone who has cancelled their embeds has done so to spend time covering the conflict in Libya.

Could this signal Afghanistan's return to it's prior status as our Forgotten War?