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Female Driver in Saudi Arabia


Najla Hariri (Copyright: BBC)

The Geo Quiz takes a look at the rights of women in Saudi Arabia this time. The Saudi city we'd like you to name today is located on the coast of the Red Sea. It's Saudi Arabia's second largest city after the capital Riyadh.

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For the past few days a woman has been driving around this city. That takes a lot of nerve in a country that forbids women to drive. So can you name this city where the traffic isn't as bad as in Cairo but where women risk arrest for taking the wheel.

The answer is Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The spirit of revolution in many parts of the Arab world hasn't exactly caught on in Saudi Arabia but protest can take many forms. Najla Hariri is a case in point, for the past few days , she's been driving a car around Jeddah. Anchor Lisa Mullins has more.