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Dangerous Highway

The Geo Quiz is about road safety this time — or more to the point the lack of road safety. A new report by the CDC looks at crashes and traffic accident deaths in the US. It says the medical and work loss costs in a single year add up to an estimated $ 41 billion. Serious traffic accidents are a global problem … especially in developing nations.

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Case in point: the Bangladeshi city we're looking for is home to an infamous highway: it's considered one of the world's most dangerous. Nearly 50 people have been killed on it so far this year and 500 injured. This hazardous highway links the northern city of Sylhet with the Bangladeshi capital.

Just name the capital and you've got it.

The answer is Dhaka, Bangladesh, home to the Dhaka-Sylhet highway, one of the most dangerous highways in the world. The BBC's Anbarasan Ethirajan tells anchor Marco Werman about why the UN has targetted Dhaka as part of its first global Decade of Action for Road Safety, which aims to prevent traffic deaths.