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New sitcom "Sausage Mansion," brought to you by agribusiness


A scene from "Sausage Mansion." The sitcom is produced by agribusiness business CP Group, Thailand's largest corporate conglomerate, which also owns the nation's 7-11 franchises and leading cable television operator.

Who needs product placement?

Not the CP Group, Thailand's largest business conglomerate. When you own massive pork processing plants, thousands of 7-11s and the country's leading cable/Internet provider, you just commission an entire show about one of your best-selling products.

The product is processed sausage. And the sitcom is "Sausage Mansion."

The sitcom's male lead is named "Sai-krok." That's Thai for… wait for it… sausage!

The female lead is named Spoon, the cutesy, food-loving manager of an apartment complex known as Sausage Mansion.

Also inhabiting the complex is a sexy vixen called "delicious." Then there's a character named "Soda," which also happens to be a product sold at 7-11 retailers nationwide.

What happens in Sausage Mansion? Judging from the trailer, a lot slapstick and sexual innuendo with the occasional transgender gag. This is all set to a non-stop Benny Hill soundtrack of slide whistles and wacky sax riffs.

Did I mention that Sausage Mansion is haunted? Because it is. Just minutes into the first episode, one of the tenants is so frightened by ghostly screams that she can't even eat the plate of mini-sausages prominently displayed in her right hand. Moments later, the specter itself floats into a 7-11. To buy some CP brand sausage.

Can't see the sausages in the screen shot?

Here's a closer look. 

And for the Thai palate that demands cultural authenticity, CP offers processed meat studded with chilies.

In the Facebook comments embedded onto the elaborately designed Sausage Mansion Web site (don't miss the free sausage recipes), one teenage girl comments:

"I want to eat sausage!"

Of course she does.