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Indian PM pledges commitment to fighting corruption

(PRAKASH SINGH - AFP/Getty Images)

Acknowledging the pressure on his government resulting from activist Anna Hazare's "fast unto death" for a powerful anti-corruption law, Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh told a gathering of senior bureaucrats that his government is committed to cracking down on graft, reports the Hindu.

Dr. Singh also said that government hoped to introduce the Lokpal Bill on which a committee of Ministers and representatives of civil society are working during the monsoon session of parliament, the paper said.

Addressing senior bureaucrats from the Indian Administrative Service and other government bodies, the PM said, "There is a growing feeling in the people that our laws, systems and procedures are not effective in dealing with corruption."

With a touch of faith in the improbable, he also called on bureaucrats to take their own initiatives to stop graft, saying, "”I expect you to be honest and fearless in advising your superior authorities, especially the political leadership.... Those of you who serve in senior positions would do well to also encourage your subordinate officers in this direction."