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Australian teacher accused of tying boy to chair


A photo taken on August 5, 2010 shows the Perth's central business district skyline viewed from King's Park. A teacher has been suspended in Northam, near Perth, for allegedly tying up a five-year-old boy.


Tony Ashby

A teacher in Australia faces possible criminal proceedings for allegedly tying a five-year-old boy to a chair as punishment for misbehavior.

The female teacher at Avonvale Primary School in Northam, 60 miles northeast of the western city of Perth was suspended on full pay pending an investigation into the incident, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Sharyn O'Neill, director general of Australia's Department of Education, said the child had been "difficult," but described the allegation against the teacher as serious.

"There's no excuse to tie children to a chair, there is no occasion in which that is an OK way to deal with a behavioral issue," she said.

"The teacher involved in this allegation, I understand, isn't a new teacher and has some years of experience.

"Regardless of experience ... it is simply not acceptable to tie a student to a chair. Good common sense tells us you don't tie children to a chair."

The teacher allegedly tied the boy's hands behind his back with a jump rope for about one minute, but released him when he continued being disruptive, AFP said.

According to AFP, a teacher was disciplined in the western Australian town of Kalgoorie last year for taping over the mouths of nine young children as punishment for talking in class.