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European ice road


Ice road to Hiiuma (Photo: Olavi Jaggo)

For today's Geo Quiz, we're looking for an unusual road. It's not as famous as Germany's Autobahn or as well paved as Route 66. Drivers on the road we're looking for are not allowed to wear seat belts. And there's no driving after sunset: that's too dangerous. If you value your life, don't drive at speeds between 16 and 25 miles per hour.

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This road very near the Baltic Sea is only open several months of the year. It connects a place called Roohukula with Hiiumaa Island. Most of the traffic on this road comes from a northern European country.

So try to name the country or the road.

The answer is Estonia where a seasonal "ice road" over a 16 mile stretch of the Baltic Sea provides a link between coastal islands and the Estonian mainland. The BBC's Joel Alas took a drive on Estonia's ice road.