Ejecting undesirables

China's migrant city, Shenzhen, when as much as three-fourths of the population come from elsewhere, is ejecting "undesirable" outsiders ahead of a festival in which "Shenzhen Embraces the World," the state-run China Daily reported on Monday.

Shenzhen, which sits at the heart of China's manufacturing zone, just across the border from Hong Kong, transformed from a sleepy border town into an economic powerhouse when it was made China's first special economic zone and opened to global trade some three decades ago. As a result of its proximity to manufacturing and relatively open attitude, it's become a hub for China's internal migrant workers. Depending on who's doing the estimate, up to 75 percent of Shenzhen's 14 million residents come from outside the city. So ejecting outsiders could empty the city pretty quickly. The forced departures come ahead of Shenzhen's 26th Summer Universiade.

China Daily said security forces are focusing on those "in the high-alert category, including former inmates, nomads, unemployed vagrants, people engaged in suspicious activity including drug trafficking and contraband goods." Child beggars are also on the list.