The Geo Quiz takes us to South America this time, to a remote region that borders on Brazil and Bolivia. "This is a large, flat lowland basic to the south of the Amazon which used to be called the green Hell because it's was such thick inpenetrable forest but of course the many indigenous peoples who live there didn't see it as a Hell at all them obviously it was just home". Recent satellite images show cattle ranchers moving in and that's forcing indigenous people out. Where in South America are we? The answer is the Chaco region of northern Paraguay. Anchor Marco Werman hears from Survival International's Jonathan Mazower about new satellite images that document deforestation of the Chaco region, home to the only uncontacted Indian groups outside the Amazon basin.

  • Chaco Boreal (Photo: Ilosuna)

  • Bulldozers in Paraguay © GAT/ Survival International

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