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Military teaching initiative in Afghanistan

We head now to Afghanistan for the Geo Quiz. We want you to name Afghanistan's southern-most province. Its capital is Lashkar Gah.

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Lots of US and NATO troops are deployed in this province. They are mostly fighting Taliban insurgents but some have other duties, like putting on a radio program.

"The radio show is broadcast twice a week and it's called Vet's Corner and it's basically tackling education from a veterinary point of view that's really important in a country that's largely illiterate at the moment and we run it with various people coming in to see the vet with various problems with their animals".

So where is this radio show that reaches out in Pashto to Afghan farmers?

The program is run by the British Royal Army Veterinary Corps and it's teaching local people how to better care for their sheep, cows, and donkeys. It's called the Veterinary Teaching Initiative, and it is focused on Afghanistan's Helmand Province, the answer to our quiz. Anchor Marco Werman gets details from Captain Joanna Lowe of the British Royal Army Veterinary Corps.