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Video: one thousand screaming pigs


Pigs in South Korea being buried alive in a video by a Seoul-based animal rights group.

A South Korean animal rights group has released some seriously disturbing footage of pigs dumped into a pit and buried alive.

Warning: the video is embedded below and it might very well ruin your day. Soon after the dramatic piano riffs and animal rights messages, we see pigs crammed into a pit and smothered with dirt. The cacophony of terrified squeals gets stuck in your head.

Why is the South Korean government doing this? To rid the country of foot-and-mouth disease, which has run rampant through Korean farms. The livestock industry is in "crisis mode," according to the Christian Science Monitor, which reports that one region has lost four-fifths of its pigs.

Religious and animal rights groups point out that by law animals must be killed or anaesthetised before burial, but the AFP reports that agencies are running short of both vaccines and anaesthesia.

The video was filmed by Seoul-based group Coexistance of Animal Rights on Earth.