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Video of the day: China bank robbery

There's an amazing video of a bank robbery in Tianjin, China making the internet rounds today.

In it, a man takes four minutes to smash his way through a bullet-proof glass barrier using a big hammer as terrified employees stand by and watch. According to China Hush, the robbery took place Feb. 7 at a post office savings bank. It reportedly took police five minutes to show up.

The robber appears 30 seconds into the video. And, yes, there is sound.

China is no stranger to bank robberies, of course.

In 2007, two employees of the Agricultural Bank of China stole some $7 million dollars. They used the proceeds to buy lottery tickets (the plan: they'd return the money when they won big lotto prizes). When that strategy somehow failed, the missing cash was eventually discovered and the two were captured.

Despite the lack of hammer, the cash-for-lotto scheme still stands as the biggest bank heist in Chinese history.