In Wisconsin, the state's 14 Democratic senators left the state on Thursday in an attempt to stall a vote that would strip state workers of their bargaining right. There are 19 Senators in the Republican majority, but they need at least 20 for a quorum. Throughout the week, tens of thousands of state employees, including teachers and prison workers, have protested at the State Capitol in Madison, camping out in the building through the night and marching during the day.   The bill in question is part of a Budget Repair Bill, proposed on Feb. 14th by newly elected Republican Governor Scott Walker, to fix a $137 million state deficit. Democrats and state workers say it not only reduces their pay, but would also limits their collective bargaining power in the future. Joining us is Democratic State Senator Bob Jauch from Wisconsin District 25, one of the Senators who left the state Capitol. He calls the bill an unprecedented attack against workers and says he wants to give them time to voice their concerns to the governor.

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