Domino's in South Korea: Your pizza in 30 minutes ... or else!

(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Domino's is known for its promise to get you your pizza in 30 minutes or less, but in Seoul this promise has led to several people's deaths.

According to reports on GlobalVoices, labor unions held a press conference on Feb. 8 in front of Domino's headquarters in Seoul, pressuring the company to abolish the "30 Minute" delivery system.

The issue gained traction last December, when a 24-year-old delivery boy died in a car accident while rushing to a delivery. Three more people died in similar circumstances last year alone.

The Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor reported that more than 7,000 thousand delivery-related motorbike accidents are recorded per year. Several thousand people, including celebrities and academics, have expressed concern over the ‘30 Minute' system, saying that it puts pressure on delivery personnel to drive fast and dangerously.

Domino's South Korea promises customers a 2,000 won ($2) discount for each pizza after the 30-minute mark has passed. After 45 minutes, customers get a free pizza or free side dish. Some customers hold their elevator or do not answer the door to postpone delivery in order to get a free pizza.