For over 75 years, Pennsylvania Germans have gathered in what they call Groundhog (or "Groundsaw") Lodges to celebrate their language, traditions, and culture. The most important day in lodge culture is, of course, today, Groundhog Day. However, it's hard to think of spring, when more than 30 states are under blizzard warnings, with snow hitting much of the country.

Here to talk about this year's unusual Groundhog Day is  Lee Haus, the Haaptmann (or president) of the Grastoddy Lodge. He joins us from Groundhog Lodge number six in Monroe, PA. Bruce Sullivan, senior meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Camp Springs, Md. has an update on the weather. And Takeaway listener, Tyler Kapinus is a grocery stocker at Berkots Super Foods and has been stuck at work since three o'clock Tuesday.

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