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On Bangladesh border, India shoots to kill

Over the past 10 years Indian security forces have killed almost 1,000 people in the border area between India and Bangladesh, turning it into "a south Asian killing fields," Brad Adam's writes in the Guardian. So far, no one has been prosecuted for any of these killings, in spite of evidence in many cases that makes it clear the killings were in cold blood against unarmed and defenceless local residents, he adds.

Adams quotes a BSF officer as saying the border-crossers deserve their fate, as they're doubtless up to no good -- which gives you a good idea of the attitude toward Bangladeshi migrants here.  But he doesn't provide much context.

Bangladeshis have taken the brunt of anti-immigrant rhetoric for years--partly because they comprise the largest group.  But the situation is complicated by the Hindu right's constant concern about any threat to the numerical superiority of "the Hindus".  Lucky for these poor souls, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is soon to launch a "Hindu helpline" to aid concerned citizens in calling "volunteers" from the Bajrang Dal and other outfits into action when a cow is in danger of being slaughtered or a fellow Hindu is at risk. (Notably, these Bajrang Dal cats are the same folks who helped Orissa's Dara SIngh get his start in "cow protection" before he graduated to burning to death Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two kids.)

Then again, if you listen to the Indian Supreme Court, Staines had it coming.