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The news in eastern Europe

For the Geo Quiz, we want you to identify an eastern European country by the top stories on its TV newscasts last night. One channel led with coverage of a visit by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. It was his first visit to this country, where he talked about oil and airplane deals.

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Another TV channel led with news of protests over a bill that would make Russian the country's second official language. Next was an update on a dip in the value of the hryvnya, the local currency.

And in local news, some residents in the Black Sea port of Sevastopol were alarmed by the smell of natural gas.

So, match those headlines with a country in eastern Europe.
Geo Answer:

The answer is Ukraine. President Chavez met with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to talk about energy. Ukraine promised to help develop oil and gas fields in Venezuela. And Venezuela vowed to send more oil to Ukraine � and neighboring Belarus. Both countries are looking to diversify their energy supplies, so as not to depend too much on Russia.