Yesterday, just one day before Arizona's controversial immigration law was to go into effect, a federal judge put a last-minute hold on some of the most controversial parts of the law, including the requirement for immigrants to carry papers at all times, and the directive for officers to check the immigration status of people they detain for other reasons. For civil rights groups who oppose the law, it's a last-minute reprieve. For law enforcement agencies who supported it, it's a disappointing setback. It's been a long three months for supporters and opponents alike since Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed S.B. 1070 into law on April 23rd. We'll be speaking with Latino USA's Maria Hinojosa about how Latino communities are looking at the ruling, and Marshall Larry Talvy, who polices Tombstone, Arizona, about what the down-to-the-wire ruling means for on-the-ground law enforcement.

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