Invitation: all about Italian food!


Europeans may disagree a lot, but they do concur on the proper antidote to August heat: eat, drink and enjoy life. As an expatriate in Rome for the past decade, GlobalPost contributor Eric J. Lyman has long indulged in Italy’s celebration of summer. He’s even made a livelihood out of it — as a chef, a sommelier, a food and wine writer, and one of the principal authors of the Rome Zagat guide.

On Thursday Aug. 20 at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time, GlobalPost Passport will hold a Correspondent Call with Lyman to talk about Italy’s culinary pleasures, and about summer revelry on this Mediterranean peninsula. Whether you travel frequently to Italy or just to the local Italian restaurant, this is your opportunity to get answers about one of the world’s most charismatic cuisines.

GlobalPost’s Correspondent Calls are normally reserved for members of the Passport premium content section. This call will be open to the first 80 members of the public who email us, at