(I asked GA why he thought it was important to tell the survivor story again.) During all these years, talking with them, I understand that they found another level of understanding for this story. This is not only a story of survival, but they also have thought about why destiny put them in this position and what can be learned from it. (Still GA wasn't in a hurry to do the film, he was waiting for the right moment. That moment came 6 years ago on the 30th anniversary of the crash. The survivors gathered in Chile to play the rugby match they never got the play.) The whole characters of the story was on this field and then I felt they wanted to tell their story. (I'd like us to introduce one of the 16 survivors. Here's a clip of him describing himself and the rugby team as frisky young colts starting out in life. Now many of those in the plane crash were your childhood friends. When you heard this story back then did you find yourself wondering how any of them managed to make it through alive?) I was so shocked and angry against them turning to cannibalism. But when I talked to them about this, they were very innocent. This was one more problem for them, and they didn't think about how society would react. (This again is a clip where the survivor talked about their decision to turn to cannibalism, on about the tenth day after their crash. He talks about moving away from the world they had known, and the decisions they were faced with. He says they were taking a leap into the unknown. I'm wondering if that was a key part of the story, or just the part of the story that has captured so much attention.) For me, this is the main part because from this point they know they are alone. (Can you tell us briefly about the rescue. Two of the survivors climbed 44 miles up the mountains to reach society.) This man lost his mother and sister and he was the first to go out of there quickly. After the mountain, they thought there would be green valleys. After four days of climbing, they saw they were in the middle of mountains and nothing was green and that was one of the hardest moments. They thought to just push on until they died. Then they stumbled upon a stream and found a Sheppard. (I imagine there must've been some survivor guilt on their part. Does this film provide some closure for them?) It's difficult for me to answer this question, but other people have told me that I've liberated them. I hope in a modest way that this film can put the story in a quiet place for them.

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