(Judging by these incidents, how effective has this ceasefire been?) it's been more effective than you'd imagine�for example there have been no Israeli casualties since the ceasefire began. (But the rocketfire has continued.) Yes and it's hitting some Israeli towns and sometimes missing targets, Israel has also made incursions into Gaza. The rhetoric on both sides is very similar. (How did the ceasefire come about?) it started in June and was negotiated in Egypt, that there would be a ceasefire or a calm. People would privately admit things are a bit better, but Gazans say they still don't trust Israelis and Israelis would say they don't trust Hamas. (Who decides these things anyway?) In Gaza, Hamas is control and they have tamped down the violence. there's some disagreement between local Hamas leaders and Hamas leaders living in Damascus, for example. On the Israeli side, the Defense Minister has been calling for incursions into Gaza for the last year. But that hasn't happened yet.

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