(Do you have an iPod? Well one of my favorite predictions was about the iPod�who said it and what did they say?) This was Alan Sugar, the big boss of a U.K. computer company and in 2005 he said the iPod would be dead. Of course that's not true. (There are others that suffered a similar fate�what about Bill Gates?) He's made some crackers. Back in 1981 he said no one would need more than 648 kb of memory in their computer. (Back in 1959, a U.S. Postmaster General came up with a novel way to deliver Christmas cards.) He said we stand on the threshold of rocket mail. In 1878, a U.K. postmaster said we don't need telephones because we have enough messenger boys. (Ok let me put you on the spot�reading newspapers online, where is that trending in 2009?) You're talking about e-readers and electronic ink, it's so easy to read, not like reading from a computer screen. I think people really like that technology, it's appealing to people.

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