SL says a bailout for the Swedish auto industry is inevitable: we have the same situation as in the U.S. Volvo is in a slightly better situation, just like Ford. (these bailouts have been called nationalization, so were these companies ever been nationalized?) No they haven't and they will be viewed as nationalizing, which gets mixed opinions. (If the American companies pull out it could be disastrous for the towns in Sweden where these companies are.) Yes, we're talking about something like 140,000 jobs directly involved with the auto business. That's why everybody is concerned. The uncertainty is the worst, we don't know what happens if General Motors goes bankrupt. (The Swedish Prime Minister has been critical towards the auto industry.) Yes, and this is simply not true, Volvo has been run well. They are making greener cars now as well. (I'd be interested to know the public's attitudes towards these companies and their leaders?) We don't know about the CEOs of these companies but it's never been an issue.

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