(What is really at the bottom of these protests in Greece?) People are angry because they feel so profoundly let down by their government. These riots began with the shooting of a 15 year old boy by police and I think that's a potent symbol of the way the authorities have acted and taken care of people. people feel politicians are corrupt and are going unpunished. Young people who have gone abroad come back to dead end jobs. (Are the young people articulate about what they want?) I think there are several different groups of people out on the streets�the hardcore protests, people who call themselves anarchists. But what we're seeing this time is a wider population, schoolchildren out on the streets. I spoke to one 15 year old boy who was from a private school and he was shocked the police could do such a thing, and it speaks to the generations' lost of innocent. In this particular case it is a murky story and there have been some indications that the bullet ricocheted off the ground. Even so the eye witness accounts talk about police stopping up the road, cursing and threatening the boys in the crudest of ways. Then this boy threw a plastic bottle at the police and they apparently reacted. (Can the government ride this out?) I think they have very little support. If things calm down they could ride it out for a while, but these students and other people are not going home quietly. It seems some high level resignations from the police and other places could stop the protests.

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