(How widespread is this health crisis in Zimbabwe?) It's difficult to get a handle on it. I've been going through reports from Doctors Without Borders and they put the number at 3,000-10,000 possible infections. That's a wide ranging number. (What are your options if you're diseased in Zimbabwe?) There's one emergency clinic in Harare that is dealing with most of the cases of cholera. There is another smaller clinic in an outlying area and that's also treating cholera patients. When we visited some houses in this outlying area, one guy showed us his bathtub all day to draw water and there was a good half-centimeter of brown residue on the bottom of the bathtub. That's coming out of the tap. (What are Zimbabweans expressing about what they want?) The big news is the military has come out in support of the people. I've seen groups of soldiers leading protests in the middle of the city, and this is totally unprecedented to see an arm of the government join the people in protests. Now the people want Mugabe to go. (What do the soldiers want?) I discussed this with some soldiers and they said if Mugabe is not removed by force by somebody, they will do it themselves. That's extraordinary to hear from people who have always cowed to authority. In the past people in Zimbabwe have said things cannot get worse, but they do and they have.

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