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Fireball lands in Canada

(You didn't see this meteor as it landed but what have people who did tell you about it?) It was spectacular, the largest public reaction ever to such an event. We had hundreds of people who sent in reports. It literally turned night into day. (Describe it.) It was a blueish-white light in the sky that moved quickly through the sky, just five seconds. It left a dust cloud in the sky that lasted for minutes. There were dramatic sounds on the ground. Houses shook, windows rattled, almost like a small earthquake. (Is this the kind of thing that's been seen before?) this falls on Canada maybe once every five years. So it's unusual in this part of the world. (I'd think it would be easy to find yet no fragments have been found yet. Why is that?) The area here at the border is pretty much all cultivated by the farmsteads are sprinkled around but people aren't out in their fields right now working them. (Where have you gone looking for the fragments?) We are still trying to refine the trajectory. We will eventually be able to say precisely where the fragments landed. (Why is it important to find the fragments?) They tell us things about the origin of the solar system. With the videos and the fragments, we have enough information to reconstruct the pre-fall orbit. We have 10,000 meteorites but only nine where we know where they came from.

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