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In the Netherlands, the term Smart Shop refers to a store that specializes in psychoactive substances.

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Such as... hallucinogenic mushrooms.

"At the moment we sell like 5 different kind of varieties of mushrooms, so the Hawaiian is one of the strongest, it can be a very intense experience, and the Mexican, Colombian, Ecuadorian are lighter, very visual nice experience!"

Magic mushrooms: photo mushrooms: photo

But the Dutch health minister says hallucinogenic mushrooms "can lead to unpredictable and risky behavior."

A ban on selling these so-called magic mushrooms goes into effect December 1st.

But not before we ask you to name this city that's famous for its Rembrandt's, flower markets, winding canals and Smart Shops.

The answer's here...

We're going to speak to someone who could be about to lose her business.

It's not the global economic meltdown that may force her to close up shop.

It's a new law that bans the sale of hallucinogenic mushrooms in the Netherlands.