Syria protests against U.S.

Syria says eight civilians were killed when U.S. forces stationed in Iraq attacked a target inside Syria. The U.S. won't confirm or deny the raid.

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Anonymous U.S. military sources say special forces carried out the attack against Al Qaida-linked foreign fighters. Iraq says the raid was aimed at an area used by insurgents involved in cross-border attacks. But Syria's Foreign Minister, Walid Muallem insisted that Iraqi and American officials are ignoring the facts:

"They know full well that we stand against Al Qaida, we condemn their activities against Iraqi people; and they know full well that we are doing our best to tighten the control of our border with Iraq. So the question [is] why ... this aggression?"

The Syrian government claims the area attacked is a construction site, and all the people killed were civilians.

"The World" anchor Katy Clark speaks with correspondent Quil Lawrence in Baghdad.

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