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Are you out there?

The massive radio telescope is moving into position now and it'll eventually point out trillions of miles into space towards a planet that we think may be able to support life. This Ukrainian space worker is a bit nervous about it all, but says the idea is eventually this planet would hopefully be able to receive these electronic messages. We've asked young people in the U.K. this summer to create airwave messages, says this mission commander. He says people often talked about their fears and hopes for the future, and it gives a good snapshot of this generation. Bebo took this seriously and invited celebrities to encourage people to leave their own message. I'm now standing in the dish of this huge radio telescope, which is 70 meters in diameter and is usually used to spot near-earth objects which could fall down to earth. Now it's looking much deeper in space and the question is, if this message is received, what will they think of us?

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