The Gulf of Batabano is an 80 mile long stretch of the Caribbean Sea. It lies off the southwestern coast of Cuba and it separates mainland Cuba from the island we're zooming in on. CubaCuba Fidel Castro was once held in the island's infamous prison. The Presidio Modelo was later used to jail foes of his revolution. Now it's one of the island's tourist attraction's along with beach resorts, seaside shanties, and excellent diving spots. But there was an unwelcome visitor to the island this weekend ... Hurricane Gustav. The island was directly in its path. The same Hurricane Gustav that's now causing havoc over the U.S. Gulf Coast swept over Cuba's second largest island and left a trail of wreckage. We'll hear more about Gustav's path over Cuba...when we answer our quiz... Our Geography Quiz today follows the path of Hurricane Gustav. The category 2 storm is causing havoc along the US Gulf coast. Over the weekend, though, it hit western Cuba as a category 4 hurricane. 250,000 local residents were forced to retreat to shelters, as winds tore down trees, damaged roofs, and washed out roads. The Cuban island we asked you about in our quiz today took a direct hit. The BBC's Micael Voss is in Havana. What is the answer that happens to be the name of the island? Isla de la Juventud south of the Cuban mainland, where the powerful Category 4 hurricane swept through with screaming 150 mph winds.

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