(What kind of attacks were these?) Very common attacks called denial of service attacks, which means someone goes in and bombards a particular website with all these requests for the webpage, so much so that the website goes down. (And would you call this cyber warfare or just cyber attacks to control the enemy?) It depends on who you talk to, but they didn't go in and control infrastructure through these attacks. But did they attack website that seem to have a political message? Yes. I would call it cyber vandalism, not cyber warfare. (Is there any way to determine who did these attacks and where they are?) That's always the issue with these stories. It could be that Russians are behind the attacks, but who knows whether they're working explicitly for the Russian government. Some people could even speculate its Georgians who want the Russians to take responsibility and receive bad P.R. for these attacks. (What other developments are there?) Estonia is sending some experts to Georgia to help them with these cyber attacks and Estonia agreed to host the Georgian Foreign Ministry website. (Will those moves make any difference?) It hasn't so far, the attacks have continued.

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