(Did the Opening Ceremonies live up to your expectations? How would you describe the ceremonies?) The huge choreographed dancing was most remarkable, and the opening countdown involved a massive amount of drummers and I'll never forget that. (You wrote in your blog, it's almost like being in some mythical rave that is almost frightening. Although the fireworks are remarkable.) Well you've got 90,000 people in this stadium and it's pitch black and everyone is waving these torches and there are dancers in these bright costumes and it reminded me of my younger raving days, just an overwhelming sensation. (How hot was it there?) I would say it felt a lot hotter when the performers were dancing around you, and then people waving their torches and the media with their cameras. (You noticed President Bush looked a touch bored at one point.) Well he was there and got some decent applause but it's a long ceremony and he's sitting there in his jacket and tie and Putin is there as well and takes his jacket off, and I think Bush enjoyed the first hour. And then there was nearly two hours of the athletes coming into the stadium from each country and I think the President hit a low moment then. (What's the last team to come on the field?) China came on last but the teams came on through their mandarin spelling, so the normal order was upset.

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