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Snoop Dogg goes to Bollywood

(Now this really seems like an odd couple, how did this end up happening?) It's a big story and everyone was excited about it. the music composed for the film was done by a British group and they came up with the suggestion to get someone international and someone who's never done Bollywood, so they got Snoop Dogg. (Apparently Snoop was looking for ways to introduce hip hop to India but isn't hip hop already established there?) It is, but not in Snoop's style. It's an excellent way for him to get at young audiences in India. (Is the song a hit?) It's picking up, it's doing well at clubs and on the charts. (How do Snoop's explicit lyrics go down in India?) There are no explicit lyrics in this song, but I think it'll go down really well, there hasn't been any issues. The young people know what Snoop's lyrics are usually about. (Do you think Snoop can really become a Bollywood star?) We'll have to wait for his acting, but this is an excellent start.

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