The view from my apartment has been about a block for four days now. we did have some blue sky days when these regulations were first put in place, and then suddenly the smog closed in again, and there's no been rain or wind to move the smog out.. (What further measures will the Chinese government take on top of what they've already done?) They're talking about closing more factories and taking more cars off the roads, but we just may need some weather change. (How does today rank against the worst polluted days you've seen in Beijing?) it's definitely on the shortlist, but it's a long shortlist. Probably the worst day was a couple of months ago when it hurt my eyes to be outside. (What has the IOC said about this?) There is concern and China's government keeps saying it will deliver, but it hasn't delivered yet. There is some discussion that some events might be postponed. (This goes against China's promise that this will be the first green Olympics.) Well China has made the city green, they've brought in flowers that they can make bloom, parks are green, riverbeds have been filled up by diverting rivers from outside of Beijing. As such some farmers are not getting the water they normally do. (What have the farmers said about that?) They say we support the Olympics and we'll get through this season and hopefully next year it'll be better, but they've already suffered years of drought. (Given all this, do the Chinese still think it's worth it to be hosting the Olympics?) There is a lot of excitement and the vast majority of Chinese are totally on board with this.

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