Paul Miller is the unofficial spokesman for remix culture in his persona as DJ Spooky. His latest book is "Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Music and Culture." DJ Spooky tells Steve Paulson that young artists regard sound as a language they may freely sample to construct new compositions.

The mash-up is one form of remix culture. Jim Fleming talks with mash-up artist The World Famous Audio Hacker who's also known as Derek Chilcote Bacco, about what a mash-up is. Also, we hear a bit of the first ever mash-up: Charles Ives' "The 4th of July."

And, Charles Monroe-Kane breaks the law by singing "Happy Birthday," then Lawrence Lessig, a law professor at Stanford, tells Steve Paulson why that's absurd. Lessig is the founder of Creative Commons.

Jason Bittner is the editor of a website called Cassette From My Ex dot com. He talks with Anne Strainchamps and plays samples from various mix tapes he's received.

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