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Guantanamo detainee interview

(In this clip, Khadr is complaining that he hasn't received medical treatment for his eyes or feet. NB says the video of Khadr's interrogation was made public after Khadr's lawyers made an appeal to Canada's Supreme Court.) NB: the lawyers asked permission to lift an injunction against the videos so the public could see what kind of questions Canadian intelligence was entrusted in from Khadr, because American officials told Canadian officers that Khadr was put through a program where his hands and feet were shackled for 21 days and he was moved from cell to cell every three hours, to deprive him from sleep and other normal functioning. (What else happens on this video?) It's a member of Canadian intelligence services and another officer who are in a room with other people whose identities are protected and this is about five months after Khadr was transferred to Guantanamo and they ask him a series of questions about what he knows and doesn't know. (Does it sound like he knew much?) We know there's a video of Omar with a group of men preparing IEDs. And there's Omar on the video wiring these things, so the Americans would want to know what he was doing, who else was there, who they reported to, etc. (He's very young and he's crying, but what's the reaction in Canada to this video?) Canadians when you mention the Khadrs, the majority would roll their eyes and say, oh those people. When this video was first aired a year ago, Omar's mother and sister said some outrageous things, and they talked about his bravery. When that aired in Canada, Canadians took a collective gasp. So that image has stayed in the minds of most Canadians.

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