The three American military contractors were conducting an anti-drug operation in 2003 when their plane went down and then they were kidnapped by FARC rebels. During their news conference yesterday, they were met with a standing operation. This former contractor thanked the Colombian military for conducting a daring and perfect military operation and the American public for not forgetting about him and his fellow hostages and he also expressed concern for those still being held as hostages by FARC rebels and he painted a grim picture of their experience. The contractor had some harsh words for his former captors and called them terrorists. The FARC is thought to be holding about two-dozen hostages still to use as bargaining chips but it also kidnaps people for ransom. Kidnapping has become such an intractable problem in Colombia, there are now even programs which air specifically for people believed to be held in captivity. Ingrid Betancourt went on the program this week and had a message directly for those still in captivity in which she said French President Sarkozy pledged he would help. Betancourt said one thing that helped her reach her moment of freedom was radio programs such as the ones described earlier and that helped her fend off the urge to commit suicide.