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The legacy of chef Simone Ortega

(What did Ortega represent in Spain?) When we talk about cooking in our country, the influence happens through chefs, usually male, and through their restaurants. All of a sudden, Ortega's book had a unique influence on the diets of Spaniards. (Do you own a copy of her book?) Oh yes, everyone in my family. The book is important to help bring the spirit of Spanish homecooking into the house of others. (Describe Ortega's cooking.) Her legacy was one of making sure recipes didn't get lost. We may talk about gazpacho or other well known Spanish dishes, but she also has other dishes that Spaniards eat at least once every month if not more. (Do you consider her a chef or a cookbook writer?) Her book is more about recipes, and she has maintained a devotion to these recipes to make sure the recipes will never disappear. That's more than a chef or a cookbook writer.

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