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Release of hostages in Colombia

AS says many in Colombia are already questioning the government's versions of events: one government official said it was a rescue operation. It seems difficult to trick the FARC, so was it a rescue? Did they trick the FARC? Or was it perhaps a secret negotiations and contact with the rebels? All those scenarios are possible but it's tough to confirm any of them. (Was the timing of this completely unexpected?) Absolutely, we're in the middle of a crisis between the Supreme Court and the President, we have John McCain in Colombia. So I think it was not very planned, but there are some coincidences with McCain's visit as well. (Remind us of the high profiles of these hostages.) Betancourt has been held for six-plus years, her last photograph was of her being in pain and starving. France has made a point of freeing her and suddenly she's free. With Ingrid free, the FARC loses a lot of its political importance, it was their trump card and she's now free.

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