The games are set to begin, the start of a new show. The show is called �Faith Off,� and pits contestants of different religions against each other. On this edition, it's Muslims vs. Jews. From the outset the humor is just a bit awkward. The show is airing on the Islam channel in Britain and other channels around the world. It's got a lofty aim: to promote tolerance and understanding between faiths. But they're doing it with well worn and some might say cheesy tactics. It seems there's lots to learn on all sides, and that's the point according to the producer. Still the game is on the Muslim channel so the producer had to get contestants from other faiths. After taping the first couple shows, the producer realized some things had to change. The host is a stand up comic who's supposed to keep things light but there's a delicate balance between making fun with as opposed to at it. the producer doesn't always look as comfortable steering the show, but he does like making the contestants feel comfortable in the studio. The production values aren't high and there's no studio audience, the prize for the winning team is small. It's a small operation but that doesn't matter to this contestant. If the show does take off, there are much grander plans: a celebrity edition for example.

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