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Legal chronicles of Narnia

(Now how come you wanted to buy this domain name?) It had become available, on sale, and so we were amazed to see it there. we thought this would be a cool email address for our son and ourselves. (What's a surprise then is all the hoo ha around this. How did you find out about the controversy?) I received a phone call out of the blue from New York, it was a hot shot lawyer who said hand over the domain name or we'll take legal action against you. (So the CS Lewis estate is saying you have to turn it over why?) They say we have no right to it. but we're not trying to exploit the name, but they say we bought it in order to make money off the Narnia name. (Do you have any plans for it?) No, just to use it for my boy. I explained to him we bought it from a legal domain broker, perhaps they should go speak to them. (How much did you pay for it?) 50 pounds, maybe $100 dollars. (So what's happened now?) They brought a 128 page legal complaint against us. I would've preferred a cup of tea and to talk it over. It's not in the Scottish nature to phone up and use your influence. We think we have as much right. Presumably they've got tons of other domains, and they just want this one as well. (Narnia is a name created by CS Lewis. Do you have any sympathy that maybe the name should belong to them?) I do not have much sympathy because they've made so much money already and just want more. (Has this soured you on the Narnia series? Will you still see the film?) Yes, definitely. We don't want to lose the spirit of Narnia.

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