I've got a few instrumentalists around. Right now I've got a saxophonist. He says his audition was ok. He says he borrowed his sax from a friend, because his was broken. [Plays a sax sample.] That's from a jazz standard. Here's another musician who has yet to do his audition. He'll be playing a jazz standard as well, also on sax. The drums have come in from another candidate. He'll be playing a regional sample. Lisa you might be interested that here in Ghana, there's a ban on drums during this time of year. The drummer says it's taboo, a clash of tradition but he has to drum anyway. These candidates have come from near and far, and here's one candidate from Ethiopia who plays guitar. Here's another candidate, a piano player, and he'll be playing a hymn and he's self-taught. He says he would practice without sound on a painted piano keyboard. Here's another sample of a common song they all know. [Music sample].

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