For today's Geo Quiz -- we're looking for four-letter words. Not BAD four letter words...this is the Geo Quiz after all. But how many four-letter countries can you name? It's a question that nagged David Jenkins one night: "I couldn't sleep and I was just lying there and trying to think how many Four letter countries are there are in the world and eventually I got up and I looked at the atlas and made the list and I thought to myself well I wonder if anyone's been to all of these countries and I thought well why not give it a go?" "Give it a go" he did... We'll hear more about his very unusual trip when we reveal our list of four-letter countries. Time to answer our four-letter Geo Quiz now. And who better to turn to for the answer than the author of the book "The Four Letter Countries: The Zany Adventures of the Alphabet Traveller." The Four-Letter CountriesThe Four-Letter Countries So David Jenkins --- Let's get the answer out on the the four letter countries for us: Oman, Togo, Peru, Mali, Laos, Chad, Cuba, Fiji, Iran, and Iraq So, there are 10 altogether.

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