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Violence against EMO music fans

JC says one cause of the attacks is homophobia: there are quite a few emo fans who are gay or lesbian. Part of it is macho teens wanting to vent their prejudice, part of it is a sense that the emos have cherrypicked certain aspects of other urban tribes' fashion taste or music or culture. Finally it's just blowing steam. (Tell me about one Mexican emo kid and why they thought they were being attacked and what led them to the emo culture?) One of the kids is a 15 year old girl, very small. She was going to a subway stop last March and she suddenly heard someone call her �Emo� and then she was attacked by six other kids. The only thing she could come up with for why she was attacked was the way she dressed. What drew her towards the Emos was that she was drawn towards depression. (Why do emos trigger so much hatred?) For one metalhead, he raised the issue of their copycatting of fashion tastes from other youth groups. Their apolitical nature was also mentioned. A lot of it again I think is just venting of machismo. (It's interesting that this conflict has come up around a cultural grammar that's imported from the US and UK.) Yes, and that shows the reach of globalization. It's another symptom of how truly global youth cultures are today.

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