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The price of rice

(So who are your rice buying customers?) Asian immigrants and they usually buy jasmine rice which comes from Thailand. The cost has doubled from 49 cents a pound to $1.09 a pound in about three weeks. (So has that price rice affected other rice?) The first was jasmine and then long white rice from Texas as well. That price has also doubled. There's been a shortage now in long, white rice. (Have distributors raised the price or is it just your market?) They have a bit but not as much compared to jasmine. (Are there other substitutes you need to come up with?) We carry 20-plus kinds of rice. We have other options and I think we'll be ok. (I know some of the warehouse stores are putting limits on buying rice, how about you?) No, we're not putting any limit. My Asian friends say their parents are the ones who are panicking really. But we can adjust and we're not going to run out of rice.

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