We end today's program with music from Turkey's Taksim Trio. Taksim is the name of a busy square in the heart of Istanbul. That city is home to the Trio. But Taksim is also a Turkish musical term. It means "to improvise." And that's exactly what the members of Taksim Trio like to do. SENLENDIRICI: "It's like jazz, heavy jazz influences, because we are improvising on stage. This is the Turkish color of jazz." That's Trio member Husnu Senlendirici. He's well-known in Turkey as a master clarinet player. The other two members of the Taksim Trio play Turkish traditional instruments. The musicians got together after starting out on their own -- and they still continue to perform solo work. But Senlendirici says performing as a Trio is a different experience. SENLENDIRICI: "We each have different projects and journeys, but when we come together it's more than just the three of us. We combine to make a stronger unit. It's like praying to God. Because, you know, God gave us this talent. So while we're playing, we're thanking God as well. The Taksim Trio recently released a self-titled CD.

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